No Pictures Allowed in the Bathroom

On any given night, whether the bar is packed or empty, some funny shit is gonna go down.  Take yesterday for example.  It was just like most other Thursdays on the surface.  We had a good crowd.  Our bartenders were doing their best to help people get loose, let’s just say the drinks and shots were flowing!

Every now and then, we’ll have a patron that consumes a little too much booze, and ends up paying the price when trying to keep up with our bartenders.  On this night we found one poor soul half sleeping on the toilet in the men’s room, shitting himself and puking at the same time.  Our photo guy happened to be around and blindly threw his camera under the toilet wall for an award winning picture.

Let us just stop the blog right here and say that as a bar, and  law abiding business of Las Vegas, we never ask for pictures to be taken in or around the bathroom.  And for that matter, we don’t have any video surveillance in those areas either.  Hopefully knowing this allows one to piss and puke in peace while visiting our high-class establishment.  While not knowing this at the time of taking the picture, it was our photographer’s friend who ended up being the person shit-faced and shit-puking in the bathroom.  haha!

On that note, please drink responsibly when visiting our saloon.  The staff here are trained professionals at what they do.  No need for you to try and prove your dick is bigger than anybody’s in the shot drinkin’ department.




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