Introducing Michelle Dell by Cameron Smith

Our photo friend Cameron recently took some awesome pictures of Michelle that we’d like to share.  He’s been takin’ pictures with us from the day our doors opened.  This was his first portrait session with Mich, these are his words…

Michelle is the owner of Hogs and Heifers Saloon in Las Vegas Nevada.  She may be the most fascinating person I know.  At the very least, she runs one of the best dive bars in the world and has been for over 10 years.  And long before her Vegas spot opened, her original bar in the meatpacking district of Manhattan was setting the standard for places to see and be seen.  Just ask Brad Pitt, Larry Bird and Julia Roberts… a very short list of famous folks that found their way into the bar.  Urban legend has it that one of Julia’s bras caused the infamous NY Hogs bravalanch? 

During my last photo trip to cover the saloon in Vegas, Michelle and I decided it was time for a portrait session.  It’s been years since we focused on Mich as the main subject for a shoot.  I’ve taken plenty of photos of her during events, but trying to capture portraits with someone is a different story.  Especially with Michelle’s schedule, she’s f*ckin busy.  Plus every time we set foot in her bar, she talks with everyone, but this is a good thing.  Each night is comparable to its’ own wedding reception for Michelle, and she loves to meet with as many patrons as she can.  A pub tour with Mich can include rounds of shots, maybe some smokes, a beer or two, and best of all, conversations with almost everyone in the place, most whom you’ve never met.  Tonight we said hello to a grandma visiting from Portland and enjoying a PBR with family members.  She had super rad nails, it was obvious she needed to give me the Hogs salute for a quick photo snap.  I told her she should visit the Finger Bang nail salon when she gets back to PDX…  Hopefully she heard me correctly when I tried describing the name of the store to her.  The music at Hogs is louder than most bars, Finger Bang is a funny name… haha!  Alex was another visitor from out of town, coming all the way from Jersey.  Think you’re bad enough to be a part of Laz’s Crew?  This is only couple name drops, many more stories could be told from the night, from any night really.  The short of it, Mich has an amazing aura that makes everyone feel welcome in her establishment, she loves to spread good vibes, she likes connecting people, and she also isn’t afraid to yell into a megaphone to get the party rolling!    

I’ve taken portraits of just about every H&H crew member during my last few sessions at Hogs, I’m stoked we finally got pictures of a night in the life with Michelle.  For all of her fans out there in the world, and there are lots of them, this gallery is for you!


Photos by Cameron Smith | noremac_studios

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