Hogs Road Crew & Laughlin Opening

The Laughlin River Run is an annual rally that’s been attracting bikers from all over the world for over 30 years.  It wasn’t until recently that Hogs & Heifers Saloon was invited to open up a satellite bar adding another attraction to this massive event.

This run is one of the biggest bike rallies west of the Mississippi, and our very own Rally on the River is a great fuckin’ scene…  the party continues to grow each year in Laughlin!

The Vegas saloon stays open while we take the rest of the shit-show on the road.

On Wednesday morning April 27th 2016, we left Las Vegas for the run with the Hogs Road Crew just after 10am.  Heading South, you hit Laughlin in less than two hours.  Since the bar was already opening that afternoon, there was little time for the staff and patrons to fuck around.  The shit storm was about to start.  And little did we know the shit storm was gonna be a wet one on opening night this year.  A few weather outlets reported a zero percent chance of rain for the Laughlin area on this fine evening.  Odds seemed pretty good that we weren’t going to see any drops, plus the sunset was amazing.

Wellll apparently the local weather crew were downing whiskies with Hogs staff because they fucked this one up.  To those of you who endured and stayed once the wetness rolled in, you rock.  That’s what this shit is about.  Fuck you, we drink at Hogs even when it rains!

Welcome to #HogsLife fuckers!


Counter Culture Photography provided by Cameron Michael Smith | noremac_studios

The party continues through Saturday night!

Come find us in the Edgewater Casino parking lot!

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