Turn it Back to 2012 – Flashback Bike Week!!

Our house photographer Cameron always writes a good blog.  We’ve been lucky to have him around since we opened our doors in Las Vegas.  He’s probably drank more Jager than anyone else that stepped foot in our Vegas bar.  If you see him in action during any special event, buy him a shot, he likes them just as much as our bartenders do!

Since we’re nearing this year’s version of bike week and Rally in the Alley, here’s a flashback blog of his we thought was cool.  The last year before we officially became “Rally in the Alley”…  Lots of pictures here…  Enjoy!!

2012… seems like ages ago.  

Downtown Grand was still the closed down Lady Luck.  Hogs and Heifers Saloon was only celebrating it’s 7th year of business in Las Vegas.  Shit, the original Hogs location in New York was open with no end in site.  I was even still living in Vegas, the greener pastures of the Pacific Northwest where a couple of months away for me.  At this point, I thought my 7 year photo project with H&H was coming to a close.  Trips to Sin City weren’t in my future, at the time I was burnt out on the strip.  So how would I continue covering the saloon and their big events when I was living 1000 miles away?  Surprisingly, it was at this point I started to work more with Michelle and the H&H crew.  During my tenure in Vegas, I was always  busy working for other studios and didn’t put much time into my own freelance projects.  Once I left for Portland, I was officially a freelancer and could put effort into anything I wanted.  That meant more days open to cover Las Vegas Bike Week and other larger events Hogs was putting on.  That sounds like a fun photo job to me.  There aren’t many photographers in the world who can say they have a client quite like Hogs and Heifers, let this fuckin’ journey continue!



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