Dive Bar Portraits gone Hogslife

Over the last few years, we’ve had more and more portraits taken of our bartenders, staff, and patrons.  Our house photographer is finally turning his drinking habit into some good photos!  haha!!!  He likes Jager if you ever want to buy him a shot.  Here are some words stolen from our his blog about portrait sessions at Hogs…

“I’ve never considered myself much of a portrait photographer, I’m really more of a wedding and concert guy.  Even though I mostly cover events, the different worlds of portraiture and event gigs are always crossing paths.  In my early film days, I wasn’t asked to take many head shots.  With the emergence of social media, and profile pictures accompanying everything you do online, nice images of people’s mugs are more important than ever.  This blog is dedicated to the art of the portrait, well the dive bar portrait that is!  I’m years away from mastering this art, but that’s the beauty of photography, you get better with age…  and so does your face!”

We bet our house photographer can out drink your house photographer.

You rock Cameron!

“Event photography that doesn’t suck.”  noremaC Studios


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