Who got drunk on Wednesday? ’17 Rally on the River begins! Laughlin

Let’s take a moment and lube things up.  Instead of spraying the entire 2017 Laughlin River Run highlights all over your face at once, we’re going move forward slowly and let you fuckers get loose.

Most of y’all thought that the Rally on the River doesn’t really get going until Thursday.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Die hard party folks and H&H patrons get sauced on opening night.  Yep, people had their fancy shirts on and were in attendance to get blitzed from the moment Hogs opened.  And we all had a fuckin’ blast, did you join us?

Now that we’re vets of Laughlin and partying with you fuckers, we can easily say that Wednesday is one of our favorite nights of the Rally.  A good crowd shuffles in, but not the biggest.  And even though it’s not nearly as busy as it gets, it doesn’t matter.  The smaller crowd allows the bartenders to kick-it with everybody a bit, form some relationships, and get comfortable behind their new bar.  The actual bar space changes a little every year, so opening night can be important for us to work out the kinks.  Regardless if things fuck up a little, Hogs still parties harder than anyone out there.

Was Laughlin ready?


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