“Are We in The Twilight Zone?” – 2017 Laughlin River Run

For a moment there we felt like we were in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  What the fuck was this?  Hogs & Heifers was not allowed to swear during their day time business hours at this year’s Laughlin River Run?

If y’all have ever spent time in our Vegas pub, you know this is next to impossible.  The bar is built on the foundation of going against the grain and playing by their own rules.  Included in these rules is the freedom to say whatever the fuck we want, whenever the fuck we want.  This is part of what makes H&H one of the best dive bars in the world.  If you don’t like what we say and how we say it, don’t invite Hogs to your next rally.  And also don’t visit the saloon in Vegas.  In our house, the Hogs family definitely doesn’t give a shit if you take offense to the words fuck, pussy, or cock sucker.  This year’s rally in Laughlin was a fuckin’ blast, but we wouldn’t blame our owner Michelle for not wanting to bring the crew back next year.  Who the fuck likes to be censored?  The last time I checked, freedom of speech was still a guaranteed right in this country.

We’re proud to report that the bartenders and rest of the staff with Hogs passed our censorship test.  It was a little fuckin’ weird though.  And despite not being able to perform the way we usually do, our crew still brought the house down in at this year’s run.  With that, I bring you highlights from the last day of the rally.

See you next year?

Fuck you, we still drink at Hogs!


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