Bristol – Our first Top Fuel Harley Drag Race

It’s called Thunder Valley for a reason, it’s fuckin loud!

You thought the music in our saloon was loud, wait until to you go see a nitro drag race.  Nascar is child’s play compared to these decibels.  300+ miles an hour in a quarter mile?  You’d better fuckin’ believe it.

Shout out to Michael Beland, fearless rider on Hogs & Heifers’ first ever sponsored Harley Nitro bike.  This cool dude wears argyle socks and drives motorcycles over 200 miles an hour.  He and his crew took our Hogs bike to the round of 8 at the NHRA Nationals in Bristol.

Shots on the bar for Michael and the rest of the team that made it to Tennessee, welcome to #Hogslife

Next stop for Hogs Motorsports, Seattle for the Northwest Nationals!



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