Saturday – 2017 NHRA Northwest Nationals – Top Fuel Harley – Hogs & Heifers Saloon

Let’s be honest, Friday’s qualifying run sucked for Michael Beland and crew.  The Hogs & Heifers sponsored Top Fuel Harley was in need of adjustments for better runs on Saturday at the 2017 NHRA Northwest Nationals.

Since today’s motorcycles are computers on wheels, one can immediately diagnose what went right or wrong from each qualifying round during race weekend.  With confidence, we rolled out today’s version of our Top Fuel Harley thinking team Hogs was ready to improve on the first run.

How would we do this run?!  See what happens Below!!!



Fuckkk again!

We’re learning lessons on how hard drag racing is.  Our 2nd run sucked as well, even worse than the first pass.  Engine failure?  Clutch burnout?  All we know is our pit crew had to do a ton of shit to have the Harley ready for the 3rd and final qualifying run.

Could they do it?  Fuck yeah they could!

In what was probably the fastest motor swap anyone we’ll ever see, the Hogs bike appeared ready for its’ 3rd and final crack at qualifying for the big dance on Sunday.  With excitement the crew again rolled our Harley up to the starting line, we seemed ready for our best run of the weekend.  With our backs against the wall is it time for team Hogs to shine…



Fuckin’ Fuckkkk!!!

Not this weekend, not this race day.  After a powerful burnout (pictured above), Michael was ready to grip and rip.  But the bike sprung a gas line leak and was waived off by an NHRA official at the starting line.  No final run for us.  This meant no qualifying for Sunday’s elimination round.

Can we say fuck one more time?!

This was a disappointment but it won’t be our last run for a trophy in the motorsports world!  We all know winning ain’t easy, just ask the New York Jets how hard it is to win!



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