October in Vegas means SEMA is in town!

You thought Rally in the Alley is all Downtown Vegas had goin’ on in October?  You fuckers forgot about SEMA and Halloween!  How can you forget about SEMA??? It’s only one of the biggest conventions on planet fuckin’ Earth.  Do you know what the letters S.E.M.A. stand for?  How about you click on the hotlink in the second sentence and learn something new this week.  In-short, it’s everything after market for things with wheels.  Which can be just about anything!

To do any job right, one must get a little warmed up.  That’s exactly how we treated Monday October 30th at Hogs & Heifers for the official Vegas SEMA kick-off party…  Hogs, always the perfect lube to get your week going.

The VIP party started at 7pm, this is what happened as the sun went down!


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