Ashlee – Your favorite Bartender

You know when you go to a family reunion, or wedding, and you’re lookin’ for that favorite cousin who loves throw back whiskey and party hard… just like you?  Well, that’s Ashlee.  She’ll also be the one that goes out with you on that special walk after Thanksgiving, you know the one.  Where you’re back after 15 minutes or so, with the giggles and blood shot eyes.  Yeah, Ashlee rocks, and we’ve considered her family for a longgg time.  She’s even been fired a time or two but fuck it, shit happens!

Originally from Texas, you may mistake her for a true cowgirl when the boys from PBR or the National Finals Rodeo are in town.  Yee hawww!  Come say hi to Ashlee the next time you’re visiting Downtown Las Vegas , a guaranteed good time is waiting!


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