All Smiles with Taylor!

If Taylor at Hogs & Heifers can’t put a smile on your face, you my friends have a smiling problem.  She’s the perfect mix of sass and humor that knows how to lighten up anyone’s day, even if your name spells misery.

This born and raised Las Vegas native is a ball of energy just waitin’ for your visit to the bar.  She’s always ready throw back some drinks with y’all and get a little loud.  Our saloon has been in Vegas for over 12 years and honestly, not many of our bartenders and staff are from here.  Local legend has it that the gals born and raised in this town are the craziest, maybe you should come hang with Taylor and see for yourself?

In #HogsLife world, if one uses the word crazy to describe you, it’s a compliment…  we fuckin’ love you Taylor!


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