The Bartender Known as ZEE

And then there is Zee, born on the surface of the sun and hot enough to melt the Arctic!

What can we say about this diva?  She’s easily one of the most entertaining bartenders in Las Vegas.  For over five years she’s been behind the stick at Hogs and has been exciting patrons from day one. She’s full of energy, dances on the bar like a maniac and loves to talk shit.  Fortunately she’s has a job that allows her to exercise all of these demons.

Before she became a member of the Hogs & Heifers family, she was a plumber, a daredevil, and holds a masters in Jimmy Rigg’n.

Zee’s words to live by…

“I’m happy living in a man’s world as long as I’m the woman running it”

“Luck is just the meeting of opportunity and preparation.”

Zee’s favorite songs on the Hogs jukebox…

Blow Me, Try a Little Tenderness, Hoochie Coochie Gal and Keep on Smiling.

Favorite Ass Shake Song on the Hogs jukebox…

Down in Mexico, and shake it she does, so throw a dollar in the box!



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  1. Clinton
    Clinton says:

    Visited from Texas. Zee was awesome. Stuck out in my mind so much, I was back 5 months later. What a great atmosphere for a drink and Zee is a gem of a bartender. They don’t make many like her. I’ll be back in May, 2019.


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