The Lost Yearbook Sessions #SuckMyBush

Since this is our first post of the new year, we thought we would bring you something from the past.

We’ve had a few photographers take pictures for us since we opened our doors in ’05.  With all of these photo sessions, which has been hundreds of them, it took us years to finally setup calendar style shoots featuring the ladies behind our bar.  Enter long time house photo guy Cameron, who back in November of 2015, finally got a few lifestyle pics of the crew.

For years, bar owner Michelle and Cameron have always tried to organize big photo sessions over slower months.  This way we could capture portraits of the bartenders, instead of the journalism images we were get covering busier events.

When Cameron finally got to Vegas back in November of ’15 for a few days of the big calendar shoot, Michelle was nowhere to be found.  Where the fuck  was she he thought, we had planed this meet up for months!!  Was this fuckin’ shoot even going to happen?  haha

Turns out she took off to visit the New York location last minute.  Cameron took over the creative direction and decided he was going to keep it simple.  Let’s just get as many portraits of the bartenders as we can with the few days he had he thought.  And get drunk with them over the course and see what happens.

After spending days and countless hours on this lifestyle series, and getting some great photos, five of the bartenders featured in this set left the bar before we could share them.  What in the fuck were we going to do with these pictures now?  We can’t really release our long awaited Vegas calendar when 5 of the 12 girls featured in the months aren’t even at the saloon anymore!  Well, maybe one day we can release a throwback calendar or something? Bartender trading cards anyone?  Featuring the girls of Hogs & Heifers past!

Anywaysss… we bring you outtakes from the ’15 Yearbook Sessions… in digital form only, no calendars or cards for now 😉


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