SHOT Show – Skillset Magazine

Yesterday night the adventurous trio behind Skillset Magazine hosted a free show at the Downtown Grand Hotel.  After they recorded a live podcast at the Grand, and crowned their first ever Man Skills Champion, everyone was invited over to Hogs & Heifers for an after-hours party.

Things got a little wild at the podcast taping, just look through our photo highlights below of the skills competition.  All of the challenges remained friendly, but let’s just say we broke a few martini glasses in the process…  this was definitely a #HogsLife crowd!

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and made it to the saloon afterwards, we had a good time with y’all…  SHOT Show continues to be a blast!

Extra special thanks Gina, Ben, and Jason of Skillset for bringin’ this event together, we consider you friends of the saloon for life!  Attending the podcast was a unique experience… maybe Hogs needs to do a few podcasts?  Lots of shots would be involved!




Want to host an event at Hogs & Heifers Saloon?  Contact Penny!!!

Photography by noremaC Studios, event photos that don’t suck!

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