Flippobuilt Motorsports – the Mint 400

We here at Hogs & Heifers Saloon fuckin’ love when the Mint 400  rolls through town.  This year the Mint crowd is taking over downtown between March 6th – 11th, that’s lots of days to party folks.  The crew from Flippobuilt Motorsports threw a rockin’ get together at Hogs last night.  Sucks to be you if you didn’t come out, we tore that shit up.

For those who we didn’t see yesterday, the party continues.  Get the fuck down here…

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Special Thanks to:

Damon Flippo – Owner and Founder of Flippobuilt Motorsports, Damon is a true
influencer of this industry. Thank you, Damon, for bringing the Mint 400 (50 th
Anniversary) pre-party together once again. Last night was a total blast!

Matt Martelli and Josh Martelli – Matt and Josh bought the Mint 400 and converted it back into the Mint 400 of years past. Thank you!

Very Special thanks to Best in the Desert. We are so glad that Best in the Desert
is honoring the legacy of Casey Folks and hope we can do as well.

Shane England – Thanks for bringing out your Big Kahuna Monster Truck last
night – Shane will be at the Monster Jam World Finals on March 23 and 24th at Sam
Boyd Stadium. A long career of racing and building motorsports vehicles led
Shane “Kahuna” England into Monster Jam beginning in 2013.

Event photography that doesn’t suck provided noremaC Studios






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