Flashback – Hogs Road Trip ’17 to Sturgis

If many consider your saloon a biker bar, chances are some employees of the place enjoy the motorcycle life.  In the case of Hogs & Heifers Saloon, this is true.  Lots of us like to ride, and along with riding, we also like going to rallies and motorcycle events.  As we prepare to head out to this year’s Sturgis Rally, let’s take a small chronic break and reflect back on those from the Hogs Family that were able to make the ’17 trip.

We’re prepared to have fun and make some waves at this year’s Sturgis event.  If we’re out and find people of Sturgis wearing Hogs gear, we’ll give ya free stuff for being such a cool patron!  Fuck You, we Drink at Hogs!!!

Photography from 2017 provided by Jim, Penny, & Michelle 😉

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