PBR – Pro Bull Riders World Finals in Las Vegas

When most of our patrons think of PBR, they’re probably thinkin’ more about cheep beers than Professional Bull Riders.  Bull riding  events are no joke, especially the world finals.  If you’ve never had the chance to see it live, or on TV, you’re missing out on some serious shit.  Here’s a description of the league in their own words…

“Professional bull riding is a fierce, rough, and grueling sport with roots deeply embedded in American culture. It’s America’s original extreme sport. The PBR has evolved into a captivating and adrenaline charged sporting event that features an all star cast of the greatest bull riders and bucking bulls in the world”.

Tens of thousands of bull riding fans make their way to Vegas every year in November for the world finals.  We’ll see thousands of those fans this weekend as they come to party it up at Hogs & Heifers Saloon.  We encourage are world famous bartenders to rock some country western styles while all of these cowboys and cowgirls are in town.  Get down to Hogs if you’re looking for a wild time…  save a horse, ride a bartender!


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