Livin’ Dirty | Live Screen Printing | 2019 Rally in the Alley | Las Vegas Bike Week

For years we’ve wanted to do live screen printing at our larger events. Our shop is full of good merch, but we have a ton of cool shirt ideas up our sleeve that we’ve never produced. Printing during events will give us a chance to offer up a larger variety of Hogs swag. And who doesn’t need more Hogs gear?

Our homie Creston is a true dirt bag. He’s so dirty, he started his own clothing and screen printing company named Livin’ Dirty. Back in the day, his Momma was so proud of his idea for the Livin’ Dirty clothing brand, she bought him the domain name Today, he’s made his Mom even prouder by turning that name into thriving printing business, and ya know everybody be rockin’ the dirty threads. Creston and the Dirty Crew will be helping us print onsite all rally – October 3-6th… we can’t wait!

The first shirt Livin’ Dirty did for us was our FUCK THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH run. It’s been a best seller for years, and we’ve been friends wth the dirty boys ever since!

Even though Creston and Livin’ Dirty continue to thrive, we’re proud to update that the Dirty Compund where all the work gets done is still a dive… you need to live up to your brand name, and Creston proudly does!

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