Onsite Tattoos by Trip Ink | 2019 Rally in the Alley | Las Vegas Bike Week

As a business, it’s fair to say that most of our employees love tattoos. Half of our staff is covered in ink. When the opportunity arose for Hogs to offer tattoos at this year’s Rally in the Alley, we jumped at the chance. If you’ve ever been to big rallies outside of Vegas, you know tattoo artists are always a big part of them.

We’ve had tattoo artists with with us during previous bike events , but this year we’re stoked to be teaming up with Trip Ink Tattoo of Las Vegas. For the first time ever, and we’re bringing five unique artists out for onsite tattoos at this year’s Rally.

Read up below on who’s coming to join us. If you would like to reserve a time slot, CLICK ME to reach out to Trip Ink!

Rick Trip

Rick Trip, the owner and lead tattoo artist at Trip Ink Tattoo Company. In addition to that he’s known as being one of the most talented tattoo artists in Las Vegas. With that said he is also widely know in the tattoo/art/music/film industry.

Quote from Rick Trip: “I just use true techniques from tattooing. Bold will hold and I make sure that my color blends make sense with the skin tone I’m working with.  My goal is to make my clients stand out in a room from people that are already tattooed. It’s very popular to get tattooed now, but its not popular to think it out and try to stand out in the way that I’m doing it.”


Rain from Northern California and he loves to tattoo, Here he is introducing himself:

“Hi, my name is Rain! I’ve been tattooing professionally for 10 years. I specialize in new school and portrait realism; both color and black and grey. From pop culture art like Rick and Morty to comic book heroes to Grandma’s portrait, I look forward to assisting you with any idea you have!”


The newest addition to Trip Ink… Osker Danger!  He’s been tattooing in Vegas for years alongside “Ink Master” Cleen Rock One, and he’s been a friend to us way before our shop opened.  With that known, he’s a pro at color packing and impeccable line work.


The shop apprentice that’ll be tattooing during Rally!


The mysterious one… haha

Food Trucks Crock & Roll | Black Tiger BBQ | King’s Sausage

Onsite Pinstriping and Custom Motorcycle Painting by Raw Tin Garage

Live Screen Printing by Livin’ Dirty


Thursday at 5pm Chopper Show

Friday at 5pm Babes in the Alley

Saturday at 12 noon FXR-DYNA Show


Big Belly Crew | Big Boy Knives | Big Ear Utah | Biker Nettie | Black Fly Eyewear | Bobbers & Choppers LLC | Bradshaw Cycles | Certified Motorcycles | Dianese Las Vegas | Hattast-ique | HMF Industries | Indian Motorcycle | Hytiva | Jennifer’s Web | Klock Werks | Leather Headquarters | Livin’ Dirty | Main Street Moto | Raw Tin Garage | Red Beard Leather | Ricky Bongos | Rundlett Performance | Sin City Jokers | Speed By Design aka Unlimited Bagger


Hytiva | Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys | Deep Eddy Vodka | Bud Light | Indian Motorcycle | Ahern Rentals | Truly Hard Seltzer | Liquid Ice Energy Drink

Shout out to The Mob Museum for helping us put on our event and being nice neighbors.

Shout out to Pizza Rock for being our block buddies and for serving up the best pizza and Italian food in Downtown Las Vegas.

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