“Three Days in a Row”

In 28 years of business in New York City and Las Vegas, Hogs & Heifers Saloon never closed for more than three days in a row. Not during market crashes and recessions, not during disputes with landlords, not during 9-11, not even during the days following the passing of founder Alan Dell. Through the ups and downs, there’s always been one constant in the world of Hogs, owner Michelle Dell. She’s seen it all. Without going through a list of the weird sh*t we’ve been through to make it this far, let’s just say the path is never straight and easy. If we haven’t faltered yet, the current situation that has gripped the globe isn’t going to bring us down either. We’re confident in typing this, because the staff and Michelle are doing all of the right things to keep us heading forward. Although our Vegas doors may be temporarily closed today, WE WILL BE BACK… and in large part due to LEADERS LIKE MICHELLE! THANK YOU MOMMA.

We endured for years in New York, and we continue to endure in Vegas. Hogs NY is not coming back, but #HogsLife is alive and well in Vegas, and the good times will return 😉

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