Queen Kadene – Your Bartenders at Hogs & Heifers Saloon!

Want to know more about Hogs Bartender Kadene, read on!

I grew up in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Pennsylvania. My family always considered me to be a big fish in a small pond, the rockstar of the family. The type of person who gets inspired by fire dancers online only to build fire dancing props with instructions found on the internet, and then light up for the first time with my little sisters holding a fire extinguisher on standby. Which is where my nickname ‘Spitfire’ originated. 

Being the wild woman free spirited nomad I am, 8 years ago I packed all the belongings that would fit in my jeep and headed west. I discovered a new world of performing arts, much more freeing than the traditional Jazz, Tap, and Ballet I’ve been practicing since childhood. WIth this new found inspiration, I became a fire dancer, burlesque artist, belly dancer, aerialist, and a pole fitness instructor. One day, while watching a friend’s band at the Hollister rally, I met a woman who was watching me pole dancing on a street sign. She offered me a job bartending and performing at rallies across the US and Mexico. I jumped on the opportunity and my new career began. Friends from rallies would tell me about this place called Hogs and Heifers in Las Vegas. They told me that I’d be a perfect fit and to go fill out an application when I moved to Vegas. 

My first audition for Hogs was a complete shit show. I had been out searching for work all day and was extremely unprepared. Before dancing on the bar, I sat at the bar doing a few shots of liquid courage. The 3 shots of Jamo didn’t help, I was completely awkward and in my head. Needless to say, I didn’t get a call back. 

About 6 months later, I saw that Hogs was having a cattle call. I decided, even though I already had a job, I was going to audition after work that night. The whole process was really cool, the bar was packed full of customers and women ready to audition. The music and atmosphere was just right, and I was ready to put on a show. So I got up on the bar and danced my heart out. 

I was happy when I got a call back for an interview. Performing had been something that I truly missed while working a ‘normal’ job. During my interview Tiffany pulled out my application from my first audition and we sat there laughing because she had written that I “Had no rhythm” on the application. The interview process was very laid back, nothing like I had experienced before. I expressed how I wanted a job where there was a large sense of community and support, something that felt like a home away from home. I was pleased when I got hired on the spot. 

Sadly, 2 weeks after starting at Hogs, the world shut down due to Covid. Even though I had only been there for two weeks, I was amazed at how much Michelle and Arlana had prepared to educate us on what was happening in the world. The amount of support we received was unlike anything I had experienced at a job before. 

When we reopened in October of 2020, I was excited to get called back. Though we were working under specific guidelines, it was a nice opportunity to be adaptive. I learned a lot about myself in that time of uncertainty and built supportive friendships with my coworkers and local customers. I’m very blessed to have had the Hogs commUNITY during those times of uncertainty. We were truly ‘in this together.’

So far, in my short career with Hogs, I found a new level of confidence within myself. You would have never heard me telling someone to ‘eat my ass’ through a megaphone at work before. Everyday I get the opportunity to showcase talents that I’ve been practicing all my life. I’m encouraged to speak my mind and be my wild-ass self. I discovered my love for Hank Williams the 3rd and I get to meet new & interesting people on a daily basis. Plus, having a team of badass women by my side has been a huge blessing. Hogs has certainly helped me strengthen my natural gifts and build strong bonds with others in a new city.

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