Her name is Marina! Behind the Bar at Hogs & Heifers Saloon!!

Hiya it’s me your local bartender at Hogs, Marina! I was born in New Jersey with parents from New York, but I grew up in Vegas. Naturally I gravitated to the fun world of creating drinks and entertaining people behind a bar. Being a cocktail waitress and bartender for years let me experience a variety of our bar culture in Vegas, but nothing has been like Hogs & Heifers!!

Coming to Hogs was different from any place I’ve worked, so different that it’s made a home in my heart. My first time at Hogs was years ago, but I was like you, just out to have some fun for the evening. And where else could one have the most fun besides Hogs, especially on your 21st!!

It was my b-day and my friends had to bring me Hogs. They swore I would love it and that it was my kind of place. Once the security checked my ID (who I now work with 10 years later!) and gave the go ahead for me to come inside the saloon, two other security guys came out of nowhere and put me right on the bar! I then did what naturally came to me, shook my ass till the cows came home!! I felt so thrilled and powerful on that bar, the girl inside who had been hidden for so long became free and herself in the moment, and I’ll never forget that.

Now I’m one who’s rocking it out behind the bar and giving those same experiences to y’ all! That’s the magic behind Hogs and I am so grateful for being a part of it!!


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