During our SEMA Kick-Off Party here at Hogs & Heifers on November 1, 2021, Hogs Owner, Michelle Dell, received a very special gift from a very special guy.  “The PAINTMASTER”, Russ Gerner, surprised Michelle with a Custom Painted Blue-Tooth Guitar that is a true work of art.  Russ depicted the front of the Hogs & Heifers Saloon with the official logo, the Hogs Ave. & Heifers St. Street Signs, the Welcome to Fabulous DOWNTOWN Las Vegas sign and a portrait of Michelle right on the front of the guitar.  Hogs & Heifers was painted on the neck of the guitar and DELL was painted on the Headstock.  No other way to say it…. IT’S FREAKIN AMAZING.

About Russ Gerner

 ” The PAINTMASTER”  started his career  in pin-striping ,custom painting at the age of seven when his Dad handed him a lettering brush and said,” So you want to learn to paint huh?” He gave him a “No Trespassing” sign to practice on. By the age of thirteen he was painting cars and today he is well known for his slogan “ We paint anything and every thing.”

At PAINTMASTER ART STUDIO in Las Vegas Russ will paint anything that paint will stick to including cars, motorcycles, helmets, RVs, semi-trucks, antiques or even personalize a wall in your home. Using his imagination Russ can turn his client’s dreams into a reality. His talent for special effects produces traffic stopping flames, graphics, murals, custom lettering, pin striping , custom painting, anything from the mild to the wild as he continues to set the trends for tomorrow.

Gerner’s work has appeared in magazines such as “Cruiser Quarterly” “Auto Art” “Truckin” “Super Chevy” “Mini-Trucking” “Auto Graphics” and “Popular Mechanics” just to name a few.

Using four generations of time tested Gerner family standards; Russ has continued to expand his skills and talents. He is the creator of the Rikki Rocx Shaker tubes, stencil sets and the Resurrection collection.

The PAINTMASTER has many satisfied clients including celebrities such as Elvira, Robert Goulet, Gladys Knight, other Las   Vegas performers including the master impressionist Danny Gans who said “The Paintmaster Russ Gerner …he is truly the best that I have ever seen…”