Lex, Like Sex…But Better!

The Infamous Bartenders of Hogs & Heifers Saloon

Lex (aka Kat, aka female Peter Steele) loves absolutely everything about Hogs & Heifers and yes, cats. Working behind the Hogs bar has changed her life and she would spend every waking hour here if she could, but she’s got to tend to those cats! 

Lex started at Hogs & Heifers in January 2022.  A friend thought Lex would be the perfect fit for Hogs after jumping around from bar to bar in Vegas. Lex is originally from Colorado, but found her way to Vegas 5 years ago by way of Seattle. Lex has found her true self in Vegas helping her unleash her fun and crazy side. She loves living, working and playing here, but when she gets the chance to travel; Florida is her destination. Why you ask? Because Florida is trashy just like her! 

Lex lives by the motto “Don’t Do Anything Half-Ass” which her father ingrained in her from a young age (Thank you Dad!). What Lex likes best about her job is meeting new, fascinating people from all over and making lasting friendships with her customers. Her advice to newbie bartenders “Don’t Take  Shit From Anyone” Her best talent, opening a beer with her teeth; Lex was destined to be a bartender! 

Now let’s talk favs…..Lex loves nicotine, Casamigos Tequila (Your the man, George!), Herbs & Rye steak, the band Type O Negative, sci-fi books, horror movies (especially “Terrifier”), Dungeons & Dragons and again anything cat (she has 2 of her own). 

 So next time you’re in Hogs give a big Meow, I mean Hello to Sex….I mean Lex!