Tessa is a self proclaimed foodie who loves to chillax with a whiskey in hand while snuggling with her pitbull Kilo. Tessa is originally from Denver, CO, but decided to change scenery and give Vegas a shot. She arrived on the Hogs & Heifers doorstep a year and a half ago after working at a well known establishment down the road.

Tessa has stayed connected to her roots through all the Colorado peeps that make their way to Hogs. She truly loves all the new folks she has met and made connections with. Tessa had an especially memorable Hogs experience while dancing on the bar with a customer. Little did Tessa know this customer was deathly afraid of heights and once she looked down it was all over. Tessa ended up with vomit on her, but was rewarded with a huge tip!

Speaking of dancing on the Hogs bar…..Tessa loves clogging to “Devil Went Down To Georgia” and when she’s shaking her ass there is nothing better than doing it to hard rock! The quickest way to Tessa’s heart is of course food; especially tacos, pizza and hamburgers. If you’re going to treat Tessa to a shot, make it a Crown Apple.

So next time you’re at Hogs and “Welcome to the Jungle” comes on, start cheering for Tessa because you better believe she will be rocking it!