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Sunday Bloody Sunday – Rally in the Alley, Until Next Year!

We love the smell of Hogs & Heifers Saloon in the morning, smells like victory!  If you made it out to our Sportster Show that started at 10am this past Sunday, wow…   good for you!  It was a fun way to start winding down a busy Rally in the Alley.  Did you catch the winner […]

Saturday from the ’18 Rally in the Alley | Las Vegas Bike Week

Saturday’s are usually a good time no matter what.  Most of us don’t have to work, so this is a day we can start drinkin’ at noon.  And drink we did at the ’18 Rally in the Alley! We had a shit-load of fun on Saturday at this year’s rally, how about you?! One of […]

Friday at the ’18 Rally in the Alley | Who parties harder? #HogsLife

We had a lot of awesome shit happening on our block yesterday.  First of all, we open every day at 10am during Rally in the Alley and Las Vegas BikeFest.  Who doesn’t love a biker bar that opens before noon?  People who like to day drink are our kind of people, so thanks to the […]

Vendor Spotlight! Fremont Lot at Rally in the Alley

Our slate of vendors for the ’18 Rally in the Alley during Vegas Bike Week is larger than ever.  The Fremont lot is huge and houses over 10 of them.  In this lot you can find the following bad ass folks and businesses: Green Brother’s Design – Custom Harley Davidson Dyna Shift Linkage. Gear Shift Lever […]

Thursday at Rally in the Alley | Las Vegas Bike Week

Las Vegas Bike Week feels like Christmas to us.  It’s a motorcycle event we prepare for all year and can’t wait for it to happen.  Our Rally in the Alley is easily the biggest party you’ll find during bike week.  We saw thousands of people come through our doors yesterday and expect thousands more to […]

13 F*ckin’ Years! Hogs Las Vegas

When we opened our doors in Las Vegas over 13 years ago, there weren’t many people who thought we would last.  There was one Vegas icon who believed in our dream from day one, Mayor Oscar Goodman.  He was a driving force behind the revitalization of downtown, and loved the energy Hogs & Heifers Saloon […]

New Bartenders at Hogs! Las Vegas Bike Week Begins!!!

Yo!  October is a busy fuckin’ month for our little biker bar.  That’s why we always have some new faces behind the stick for our birthday party and Rally in the Alley!  Please put your hands together and welcome the fuckin’ new girls…  Vegas Bike Week starts now!!! Hogs & Heifers Saloon celebrates 13 years […]

Returning Emcee Jack Schit! Rally in the Alley during Las Vegas Bike Week

One of the best parts about Las Vegas Bike Week and Rally in the Alley at Hogs, is we get to hang with Jack Schit all week.  This one-of-a-kind character has been an Emcee with us during Vegas Bike Week for over five years.  You may know him, this f*cker is all over the place […]

Goody’s Original Popcorn and Barrett’s Lemonade… and more munchies

Outside of drinkin’ beers, and doing shots, we don’t have any fancy drinks or food options at Hogs.  F*ck your wine, and F*ck your whining! Do you know what every good motorcycle event needs to make it a true bad-ass rally???  Lemonade and Popcorn!!! And we have options for both at this year’s Rally in […]