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Vegas Car & Bike Swap

Our Hog Wild for Kids Charity Ride was originally set for May 26th.  As usual for any Summer weekend in Las Vegas, there was a ton of shit happening on that day.  Since we had to postpone our charity ride due to high winds, we decided to go hang at the 1st ever Vegas Car […]

Behind the Scenes Video w/ Luicidal – ’19 Punk Rock Hoedown!

We’ve been hosting Punk Rock shows during our annual Hoedown for five years.  We can easily say that Luicidal was one of the most anticipated bands to ever take the stage at Hogs.  Featuring two original members of the legendary band Suicidal Tendencies, we were fuckin’ stoked when they agreed to play at Hogs. And then […]

2019 Hog Wild for Kids Charity Ride Recap

A few weeks back, we had to postpone our annual Hog Wild for Kids Charity Ride due to high winds.  Since Hog Wild is one of our most cherished events, this was a hard decision for us to make.  How would the turnout be if we held this event two weeks later than originally planned?  […]

SUNDAY | Punk Rock Bowling | Authority Zero Headlining!

Wholly Fuckin’ Shit Folks… We sold out of PBR.  We sold out of Jameson.  We sold of of 805 Beer.  We also raised over $10,000 in the fight against cancer for our friends with the Love Hope Strength Foundation.  That’s a solid fucking weekend right there.  9 Bands.  3 Days.  How can punk be dead […]

SATURDAY | 2019 Punk Rock Hoedown

Friday was fuckin’ nuts, would Saturday bring the same chaos?  Fuck yeah it would!  To those folks who’ve made it out to Hogs & Heifers Saloon during the first two days of our Punk Rock Hoedown, you’ve been treated to some incredible shows.  Thank you IGNITE, 1916, and DRYER FIRE for rocking that shit last night.  And to the […]

FRIDAY | 2019 Punk Rock Hoedown Invades Hogs & Heifers Saloon

Epic.  A word, whose meaningful definition and correct applications are now obscured, and have been beaten to death mostly by the 25 and under crowd. Since the dawn of the social media age, it has been overused as “the” catch phrase when describing a night out, the last event you went to, discussing movies, taking a shit, etc. The […]

Sexy Lexi is in the House – the Best Bartenders in Las Vegas

Lexi started tending bar for us less than a year ago.  From the moment she walked through the doors, this dive bar beauty has demanded the attention of our guests.  She already has a growing fan club and we’ll see groups of patrons coming for drinks just to hang with her.  This girl is passionate […]

Introducing… Arianna! the Bartenders of Hogs & Heifers

Arianna is from Las Fucking Vegas.  We’d say that she comes from a time of the good old Vegas days, but she was born in the 90’s!  This fine young lady knows nothing but new Vegas, and knows how to party like she’s a local…  You know the people raised in Vegas have a little […]

Welcome Gia – Another Member of the Hogs Bartending Family

We met Gia earlier in the year during our January bartender auditions, also known as a Cattle Call to the patrons of Hogs & Heifers.  Upon meeting this beautiful young lady, we learned that she’s from upstate New York, and loves the Rolling Stones.  In fact, she loves them so much, her dog’s name is Charlie Watts!  […]