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9-11 Patriot’s Day Parade | Downtown Las Vegas | Las Vegas Firefighter’s Benefit Association

September 11 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm PDT

- Free

9-11-01 is a day we’ll never forget in our country. On September 11, the Las Vegas Firefighter’s Benefit Association invites fellow firefighters, policemen, friends, family, neighbors, politicians, and supporters to join them for a procession in tribute to honors those who fought to keep us safe in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Any current or retired class A firefighters, and police officers are invited to march.

6:30pm the participants will arrive at Main Street

7:00pm the march starts, and will stop for 10 minutes at 1st Street. We will observe a moment of silence, sing the National Anthem, observe the FSE 911 Memorial show, and the Viva Vision Bagpipers will play one song.

7:15pm the march contnues to 3rd Street, we’ll turn left and continue toward Ogden where firetrucks and a large flag will be displayed. Following the tribute, we’ll continue to Hog & Heifers lisening to the sounds of pipes and drums.  If you haven’t heard bagpipes and drums inside of Hogs yet, be prepared for goose bumps

Thank you Jameson Whiskey and Budlight for supporting this event.



Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Charitable Association:

Our purpose is to create, promote, and manage charitable events for members of the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Department.

Las Vegas Firefighters Benefit Association:

We are dedicated to helping our active duty and retired members. With professionalism, ethics and responsibility we maintain and grow our financial resources in order to provide our retired members in good standing with assistance in defraying the cost of medical insurance, providing emergency financial assistance, dependent scholarships and death benefits. We also partner with other charitable organizations to plan morale boosting and community building events for the hard working and dedicated firefighters of the City Of Las Vegas.

*There is a back story to bringing you this year’s Patriot’s Day Tribute – read below to see what it took for us to make it all happen:

As of August 3rd, We’re delighted to announce that thanks to the media coverage, and all of your posts, shares and comments on the Downtown Grand’s social media, the Downtown Grand hotel/casino has ceded and will be allowing the 9/11 Patriot’s Day Parade to utilize the upper half of Downtown 3rd Street for 90 minutes from 7pm to 8:30pm for the Parade to begin and end there this September 11,2019

A huge thank you to Channel 13 News Reporter Joe Bartels and Channel 8 News reporter Shakala Alvaranga for covering the story. Without those reporters and the power of the media, this years Patriot’s Day Parade and Remembrance Ceremony would not happen!

It is too bad the Downtown Grand and it’s parent company CIM Group had to be publicly shamed into reversing their position from a hard no to a yes…but at least they realized quickly that their original position would shed an ever increasing bright light on their true nature as a cold, callous and carnivorous corporation.

The Downtown Grand has placed some extra restrictions and conditions, never required in previous years, to their agreement to allow the Las Vegas Valley Firefighters September 11th Remembrance Committee to utilize the portion of the Downtown 3rd for the Annual Patriot’s Day Parade. The DTG and the LVVFSRC will be working out those details to see that it all happens as it should.

Hogs & Heifers still has many battles ahead with the DTG and CIM Group who are trying to force us out of business, but today’s news is a huge win for our First Responders and for all those lost on 9/11 and the 10,000 people since diagnosed with 9/11 related life threatening illnesses.

To date, almost 5000 people have died from such illnesses, almost twice the number of those who died that day 18 years ago.

It is win for the Citizens of Las Vegas and we are just happy to know that with all of your added support, we stood up for what was right and our local news reporters heard our rally and together WE ALL made it happen!

September 11, 2001
Never Forget
Never Give Up!

Original media posts and news stories below:


The above (Pre August 3rd) video clips feature MICHELLE DELL AND HOGS & HEIFERS SALOON LOCAL NEWS CHANNELS 13 AND 8 – the latest updates on the Downtown Grand Hotel/Casino having originally said NO to the 9/11 Patriot’s Day Parade in Downtown Las Vegas.

The Downtown Grand will NOT close Downtown 3rd Street for 2 hours on this coming SEPTEMBER 11th to allow for the PATRIOT’S DAY PARADE to march on “their street” heading to the 9/11 REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY that takes place at Fremont Street’s 3rd Street Stage. The Patriot’s Day Parade is put on by the Las Vegas Valley Firefighter’s September 11th Remembrance Committee. On July 2nd Mike Tomko, Retired Firefighter and Chairman of the LVVFSRC, contacted the General Manager of the Downtown Grand to request to use the street for 2 hours. To date the DTG has NOT responded to the request, but today we learned that the City of Las Vegas Office of Communications reached out to the Downtown Grand to see if they would be allowing the Patriot’s Day parade to utilize Downtown 3rd Street and their official answer was NO.

The Downtown Grand and their parent company CIM Group, multi billion dollar real estate fund manager with a series of closed and open ended real estate and infrastructure funds, states, that due to their new tower construction going on at the 4th Street side of their property, that DT3rd Street is the only place they can operate their valet and UBER and LIFT pick up and drop off. They claim is is a safety issue and that closing DT3rd Street to traffic would interfere with hotel operations.

Close to 3000 lives were lost and 6000 others were injured on September 11, 2001.

343 Firefighter’s and 71 Law Enforcement Officers gave their lives in their call to duty to save civilians from the deadliest terrorist attack in world history.

Since that day 10,000 people who worked and lived in the area and were First Responders have been diagnosed with cancer.

Over 2100 non First Responders have since lost their lives due to 9/11 related illness.

Over 2400 First Responders have lost their lives due to 9/11 related illnesses.

To date, more people have died from 9/11 related illnesses than were lost on that fateful day 18 years ago.

It has been our greatest honor and humble privilege to be the starting and end point of the Patriot’s Day Parade annually in Las Vegas for the last 8 years.

As New Yorker’s, We are shocked, disgusted and truly heartbroken that our neighbor and landlord cannot be bothered to reroute traffic on DT3rd for 2 short hours to accommodate the 9/11 Remembrance Parade.

It is our belief that the Downtown Grand and CIM Group are stonewalling the Parade route request for use of DT3rd Street, as a retaliatory move in response to the law suit Hogs & Heifers Saloon filed against them on May 20, 2019, for denying us the use of DT3rd Street for any of our annual street events and charity events.

It is terrible to feel that our issues with our Landlord have resulted in the denial to the 9/11 Remembrance Committee to use the street as the Patriot’s Day Parade route.

One issue has nothing to do with the other!!!

Shame on the Downtown Grand and CIM Group!!

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September 11
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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