What is the Hogs commUNITY?

From the outside looking in, one might not think a rowdy bar like Hogs & Heifers would be the type of place that gives back to the commUNITY. Sure we like to get our dance and drink on, we party harder than most, but that doesn’t mean we’re not good people! Going back to our early days in New York, Hogs has always held multiple events a year to help raise money for selected charities – and from day one in Las Vegas, for over 15 years, we’ve continued to do work with our favorite non-profits. Since we opened our original location in New York, Hogs has helped raise over a million dollars for various charities all over the country. Despite the challenges that 2020 and 2021 continue to bring us, we still put raising money for non-profits at the top of our to-do list.

Below is a list of the local non-profits we’ve recently and are currently working with, This is not a complete list of everyone we’ve worked with in the past, nor is this a list limited to who we may work with in the future. We simply want to share with the world that anyone can give back and help others in their commUNITY, even a place like Hogs!


Professional Firefighters of Nevada (PFFN)

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

Camp Cartwheel

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation

The Center LV

Sunrise Childeren’s Hospital


The Center LV – $2884.87 donated in the first three quarters ’21

Nation of Patriots – $1937 donated in the second quarter of ’21

The Nevada Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans – $787.50 donated in the first quarter of ’21

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and Sunrise Childeren’s Hospital – Over $30,000 raised and donated during this year’s Hog Wild for Kids Ride. In addition to these funds already donated, our 17th Annual Toys for Tots ride takes place in December and also benefits both of these organizations!

Veteran’s Village – 4th quarter recepient of #HogsPride USA Merchandise donation


The Nevada Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans

The Center LV

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

Sunrise Childeren’s Hospital